• Affordable Luxury


    Affordable Luxury

    You can afford to live in luxury in Rosarito, where your retirement will last you longer.
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    Deep Sea Fishing


    Deep Sea Fishing

    The Pacific Ocean is your backyard. Enjoy walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, relaxing days of quiet serenity, and of course, fishing.
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    Rosarito Beach

    Rosarito Beach

    The hospitality of Rosarito and the Mexican people will remind you of what real living is all about.
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    Enjoying Simple Pleasures


    Enjoying Simple Pleasures

    Life has gotten fast and complicated as technology has progressed. Enjoy the good life again with family and friends at the beach in Rosarito.
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Call Rosarito Home

So Why Mexico?

Mexico is a real bargain compared to the United States or Canada.

Every year, thousands of Americans and foreigners from all over the world move to Mexico. Some were assigned to work here from companies that have branches here in the maquiladoras. Some come here to study in the local universities. Still others have visited here a number of times and in search of new adventures and a less stressful way of life.

Many people move to Mexico, and particularly, Rosarito, for a better way of life that is affordable and yet close to the U.S. There is a growing number of Americans that come here to live and still work in the U.S., as the cost of living here is better, so they can afford luxuries here that are much more costly in the U.S. Over 1400 retirees call Rosarito home. Their pensions and savings last much longer here and they have the camaraderie of others who share a similar dream of an ocean front property to enjoy for the rest of their lives without going broke.

Healthy, Affordable Living.

The food is wonderful. Fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and fish are available at the local markets, and you'll get great value for your money. Fresh fruit and vegetables are always in season and taste so much better in Mexico that you eat more of them. In fact, unlike North American produce that is picked green and allowed to ripen in transit, Mexican produce is picked at its peak and sold in the market the very next day. And little or no preservatives are used in processed food which means you´re ingesting fewer chemicals. Other foods are also less expensive in Mexico, although prices and quality vary throughout the year, depending on the season.

Good healthcare is widely available. Rosarito has good doctors, dentists, hospitals and other medical specialists. Hospital Bonanova is in the heart of Rosarito and offers the latest technologies in health care. There are a range of insurance policies available from companies such as Grupo Provincial and others, while Medicare recipients are still close enough to go to the U.S. if they still desire.

Your retirement income can go further in Mexico. Exactly how far will depend on your lifestyle expectations. Utility bills can be lower, property taxes and maintenance costs are very low, and you may be able to structure your finances so that your retirement income is very tax efficient. You don't have to wait until you retire to live here. Many people are already enjoying the lower cost of living here, while maintaining their current employment. Some also telecommute as high speed internet creates more virtual offices.

Less Stress Equates to a Longer Life.

Mexico's pace of life is ideal for retirement—you can relax, and still lead an active retirement. Stress levels are insignificant here. If you can adjust to the mañana attitude and remember that mañana doesn´t necessarily mean tomorrow, it just means not today, you will realize that everything will eventually get done that needs doing and with far less frustration. Rather than worrying, go to the beach, sit on your balcony, and watch wholesome life pass before your eyes. You will see a family out for a stroll, people running and jogging, neighbors running down the beach with their dogs. Go to the mall or anywhere around town and whatch as a mom buys her daughter a balloon, you´ll notice teenage boys and girls who have respect for others and treat their elders well. Families are closer and you will often find three generations under one roof. You´ll see neighbors and make lasting friendships and old friends will sit down with you for a chat because they´re out doing the same thing you´re doing - enjoying life!

Life is much more enjoyable as you will have time to pursue hobbies and follow through with your dream to be in a play or ride a bike or any other adventure you have been putting off. People here in Rosarito Beach find they have time to have fun to their hearts'content. Many people gather together in volunteer activities, such as Cruz Roja, Baja Society, Flying Samaritans, Baja Animal Shelter, and many more opportunities to share and continue learning as well with Spanish classes.   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec lobortis vestibulum ligula, sed facilisis sapien aliquet id. Proin at lectus dui. Aliquam malesuada erat orci, id dapibus leo adipiscing fringilla. Nunc quis odio eu orci euismod rutrum in a ipsum. Aliquam pharetra vitae felis ut placerat. Donec vel magna id velit imperdiet sollicitudin. Nam rhoncus volutpat odio sed feugiat. Aenean fermentum varius urna.

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